If you are planning a winter wedding, it is important that you carefully consider the styling of your bridalgown: you will need to take the weather and the temperature into account.

Stay cozy and warm - and your winter wedding is a dream come true.

A romantic winterwedding gives you the opportunity to go even further in your bridal styling - finding the perfect outerwear to wear to and from church, and if the weather dictates: wear both gloves and stockings as well.

It is important that all your warming accessories complement your bridal look and that the styling remains true to your personality.

So ask yourself : 
Do you freeze easily ? 
Are you just mad about glittering accessories?
Or are you more into the  pure and simple styling  ?


5 Tipps for your winter wedding

  • A white (fake) fur jacket or a bolero is an elegant and stylish choice – and it keeps you warm.
  • Consider a dress with a high neckline and elegant lace sleeves for a classic and stylish winter-choice. You can easily style-up your corsage-dress with a lace-top.
  • Gloves will complete the winter-look in a perfect vintage-style.
  • Use shimmering stockings under the dress to keep you warm.
  • Do not forget to have a large umbrella on stand-by in case of rain or snow.

Last but not least:

Consider how you wedding venue is heated and how you get there, a fur coat or jacket could be the perfect solution.

4 favourite winter cover-ups for the bride

Winter photo-op in front of the church or in the wintry garden? Defy the frosty temperatures and go for a radiant look in our 'faux' fur cape or bolero – cozy, warm and beautifully wrapped.

Faux fur cape & muffetee »

Perfect for your winter-styling: fluffy soft cape with matching muffetee.

Lace jacket in jeans-cut»

Chic new bridal-interpretation of the classic jeans-jacket.

Classic satin bridal bolero jacket »

This classic satin bolero is an absolute bestseller.

Bolero jacket in fake fur »

Elegant fake fur bolero - perfect for your winter bridal look.

A Winter Romance

The snowy white winter landscape is exquisite for a romantic wedding photography - use it.

But spare your gorgeous bridal shoes (and your feet) from wet snow and use a pair of warm boots instead. (They are not visible under the dress anyway - and if they are: consider it a fun fact for the photo.)

Winter styling with gloves »

Complement your winter bridal styling with elegant gloves.

Glittery Bridal Veils »

Frame your winter look with soft veils with a touch of glittery sparkle.