Sneak Peek 2025

Passions by Lilly

Young bridalfashion with edgy Couture-Vibes!

Passions by LILLY embodies the essence of 'luxurious Boho' in 2025 with a captivating blend of ethereal organdy and intricate appliqués

Passions by LILLY 2025

The dresses exude a flowing and airy aesthetic, each piece carefully crafted to create looks that appear transparent yet maintain a certain mystery.

Passions by Lilly | Style 08-4591-NU

Imagine soft layers of organdy gently swaying with every movement, adorned with carefully placed lace appliqués.

Passions by Lilly | Style 08-4590-NU

Edgy organdy bridal dress in a deconstructed cut, with a pink underdress creating an illusion of transparency.

Passions by LILLY | Style 08-4595-NU

This collection is designed for the bride of the future - young, global, and unpretentious.

Passions by LILLY | Style 08-4594-NU

She seeks both sophistication and a bohemian allure, where luxury lies in the organdy and the attention to detail.

Passions by LILLY | Style 08-4592-NU

These softly flowing bridal looks with modern cutouts exude a subtle opulence, promising a new era in bridal fashion.