Bridalgowns with slit

Lilly offers an exclusive range of elegant wedding dresses with side slit or back slit in the the bridal skirt.

Bold and Beautiful

Weddingdress with a striking side slit

Stunning wedding dress with thigh high side slit in the flowy georgette skirt.

Flowing wedding dress with side slit

Chic and Confident:

Alluring side slit for the fashion-forward bride

Figure hugging wedding dress in stretch satin with elegantly draped waistling and high side slit in the narrow skirt with sweep train.

Wedding dress with side slit

Graceful Glamour:

Weddingdress with a flattering thigh-high slit

Pearl embellished bridalgown in blush tulle with a thigh high side slit in the soft skirt.

Embellished wedding dress with side slit

Sweeping Sophistication:

Bridal Gown with a flirty slit for a timeless look

Fashionable bridalgown with semi transparent lace top and fluid skirt with side slit.

Wedding dress with side slit

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Unveiling Elegance: The Allure of Slit Bridal Gowns - From Daring Thigh-Highs to Subtle Side Splits

A slit in a bridal gown refers to an opening or cut in the skirt of the dress, usually starting from the hem and going up the leg. This opening can vary in length and style. Slits are typically designed to add an element of allure, elegance, or modernity to the dress.

Here are a few common types of slits found in bridal gowns:

Side Slit: This is a vertical opening on the side of the skirt, typically starting at or just above the knee and going up towards the thigh. It can be subtle or dramatic, depending on the design.

Thigh-High Slit: As the name suggests, this slit is more daring, going up to the thigh or even higher. It's often chosen by brides looking for a bold and glamorous look.

Front Slit: Less common in bridal gowns but still seen, a front slit is an opening in the front of the skirt. It can be a modest slit, starting at the knee and going up a few inches, or a more dramatic slit reaching the thigh.

Asymmetrical Slit: This type of slit is not necessarily straight down the center or side but is cut at an angle, adding a unique and modern touch to the gown.

Slits can make it easier to move in a gown, especially for brides who want a fuller skirt but still want to be able to walk comfortably. They also add a touch of drama and style, drawing attention to the legs and creating a flowing, dynamic silhouette.