Smukke lette drømmekjoler fra LILLY brudekjoler

LILLY Bridalfashion 2021

Homage to Love

This season the bridal collections are bursting with ingenuity

Glamorous bridaldresses with elements of  street-fashion, such as hidden pockets and stretch fabrics, combined with classic looks full of romance.  Fragrant and youthful girly styles in blush tones, combined with expressive lace layering, add magic to the new LILLY collections.  

PS: And since not every bride is alike, LILLY offers all dresses in sizes 34 to 54. (European Sizes)

Boho-Bridalgown in tulle and lace layering with Deep-Plunge-Decolletage

Light and airy A-line bridalgown in multi-lace and -tulle layering, with an added sprinkle of glittery sparkle

Floral lace and semi-see-through lace bodice

Creamy and blush undertones pay homage to a youthfull, girly look and the semi-translucent designs combine classic sweetheart and V-necklines, in a delightful liaison with low cut backs. 

Enkel cremefarvet satin brudekjole

Enkel cremefarvet satin brudekjole


Details in gorgeous transparent lace or intricate beaded decorations

 Lace with romantic charm and graphic patterns contrast with sculptured silhouettes.


Featured are soft flowing cuts in georgette and boho-inspired lace

Full of ésprit with delicate details or a capricious boho-style in crochet lace

Brudekjole med blonde overdel og let nederdel





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